Tribute to Jim :(

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 3:18 PM
I'm kind of hands full these few days due to my own mundane chores but it won't stop me from writing something in my blog. I have a sad story to share with but first let me express my condolences to this wonderful & strong fella because her husband was died tragically after being shot. It happened when her husband was about to clean up, alone, at this one cabin whereby it supposed to be a wedding ceremony earlier on but then there were some conflicts appeared before the bride & groom tie the knot, so the bride calls off the wedding. (This fella & her husband were this couple wedding planner). When everybody left the cabin, the only person who hadn't was the groom. He was so devastated and pretty much hammered because he couldn't get married with the one that he loved. So, this fella's husband tried to persuade this groom to keep on moving and start his life again from the beginning. Felt threaten by the advice, the groom while holding a gun, pointed it out to this fella's husband. And again, he tried to persuade the groom not to do that but apparently failed. Realized that before someone got killed eventually, he decided to grab the gun from the groom's hand. Back then, this fella was so worried because her husband didn't pick up the phone when she called few times. So, she contacted the police department and talked to this detective. They both rushed to the cabin and saw shadows of two people behind the curtains, fought with a gun held in both hands. Without any clear justifications, the detective aimed his pistol and shot to the guy that finally got the gun on his hand. And it was this fella's husband who being shot. So, the husband admitted to the hospital and this fella have waited for him all night long in a hope that her husband could awake and smile to her again. She suddenly slept on a chair beside her husband bed. As soon as she woke up, she saw her husband kneel down to her. She was so happy because she thought that everything was fine, until her husband said that he suffered from ebolism. Her husband said, 'Don't worry!2x. I want you to remember me the way you see me now!'. She tried to get up from her chair in order to get a clear picture of the situation but soon she realized that it was her husband soul who she had talked to. She cried out loud when she saw the doctor & nurses tried to save her husband's life. And there, in that tragic room, she was being left alone by her husband who had passed away, leaving her with all the good memories behind.

Tribute to Jim Clancy, Melinda Gordon's husband ( Ghost Whisperer )


hands full my arse

my arse not yours..stop hacking my blog. hahahaah. Like I don't know who you are...I have IP tracking weh! Kekeke...

yeah right.. who who?? =PP

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