FIL! He had to be told!

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 4:00 PM
Those who have been reading my blog, might have noticed that I have posted a pic of an old Honda Accord 1989 LX-i while ago (It's a kaleidoscopic mind - full of colors but never colorless: Honda Accord 1989 LX-i)

At first, we thought that since nobody using the car at home and FIL had told us that he wanted to sell it to someone else or any prospective buyer, we had decided to grab the deal by offering him another heavy duty vehicle for his daily business purpose. But after put some considerations, we had to let go the opportunity for some other reasons. I thought that my FIL would be pissed off soon after we justified about our clarification and thank God that he didn't. It wasn't that we can't bear the maintenance and the fuel consumption for that old Honda. The car still great when it comes to its performance on the road, handling and the interior design still at its best but it wasn't a perfect timing for us. I was truly devastated at the beginning after we had made a decision, more or less, I have foreseen that the car going to be one of our daily transportation regardless to the one that I'm using at the moment. But we had made our mind, and it was final. I'm planning to get another new car and don't know whether it is a local or continental type. Whatever it is, I'm telling you, every night at home, I always dream of owning a brand new Japs car, drive it with passion and chuck in all the family members inside it. Get a clue of what kind of car that I desired most? I'm truly head over heels with it. Wish me luck!


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