Do you have guts? I do!

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 11:04 AM
Some said that you've got to have guts in order to pursue anything that you want. While others might say that by having only guts won't make you taste the glory IF you don't plan properly. Everyone claims that they have what it takes to do such and such. But for me, if I were asked to do something that beyond my expectation, control and capability, I would definitely said no without hesitation. Why should I give 'em some false hopes just to be nice to 'em but at the end it is me who suffer the most? These are the thoughts that had terrorized my mind when I woke up in the middle of the night last night.
Recently, there were few friends had had invited me to join their business. I have been promised some commissions should I be succeed and help 'em to expand their business horizons. It were tempting at first, but after I put some considerations, I have decided not to join it. I don't think I owe 'em some explanations because my long silence act should give 'em the answer. But I do think that I owe 'em some apology...

FN: Don't ask me whether I have guts to join in or not, I do have guts BUT maybe the time is not right yet...I have my own plan for this year! Something different......


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No problem, Joan. TQ for reading my blog too. Cheers :)

walaupon cube sedaya upaya untuk memahaminye. hanya beberapa perkataan aje yang dapat paham. kamus malas nak di belek.

Adeh!! Dik ejard...Aku tulis bahasa biasa jer tuh, bkn guna high vocab macam sesetengah bloggers lain..Huhuhuh.

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