The momentum

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Friday, January 8, 2010 at 11:28 AM
I have started to write or shall I say update my contents again. These few days, it seems that the intention to create something meaningful & outstanding to the subscribers have made me pull out all the strings that previously have had tied up my moves. I enjoyed when I received some positive feedback from 'em now & then. I was having a thought to put up some of the updates over here but not quiet sure how necessary can it be because at the moment the contents weren't bilingual and the only version I have was in Bahasa. I know I have among the lowest readers population over here and I believe all of followers/readers could very well verse in Bahasa so no need to put in another version, but that's not the reason why I having a doubt to do so. My main target is to boost up the traffics and I could only achieve that when they subscribe to it. The more subscribers I get the merrier income for the company. I know I may have another alternative to make it more profitable for myself, but let's not talk about it yet. Meanwhile, my solely intention is to make sure that the branding that I have introduce is reliable, long lasting and will create a solid fundamental in its own way. I want it to be phenomenal.......Hmmm.


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