Empty Cookie Jar

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Friday, October 2, 2009 at 11:37 AM

It's going to be a 2nd week of Syawal this weekend. Hence, my wife & I didn't have a finalize plan yet to visit family & friends in conjunction of this Raya. Actually, I had some constructive plan which I thought it wouldn't effect much on my pocket, if you know what I mean:P...(pennyless after Raya..hmmm). So I thought to had a visit at my friend house on Saturday at Bandar Tasik Puteri. He has invited me to go there several times, since last 2 years but I didn't take an effort to be there, not even once because it was too far from my place. (As if. What a lame excuse isn't?). I was also thought that on Sunday to visit my sister's friend, somewhere nearby my resident's area, but I haven't contact her yet to inform about it. The thing is that, my wife had to go to work this weekend and also next weekend due to her students exams. So, the only period that she would be free might be at 2pm onwards. Certainly, it would be awkward if I attend those houses just with my daughter & I.
I took a chance these few days to contacted my eldest sister from time to time and asked about my mom's condition. Seems that she's getting better & better and due to a major renovation that being held at our 'kampung' house, it would be slightly inconvenient to have a phone call because of the 'noise projections' here and there, so SMS seemingly the best way to get news update from my eldest sister. Earlier on, I had promised my mom to get a new bedroom set for her because she has been using the same old bed for years. The reason's why she refuse to replace that bed with the new one, because that was the bed that she had shared with my late Abah. That was also the bed that I used to snuggled in between my mom's & Abah. As much as the sweet memories pictured in my head like a film-slide every time I lay on that bed, as much as she misses my Abah everyday. Even though she didn't admit it, but it shows on her face how misery to miss someone's that she had shared all the tenderness love until the death do them apart.
So, until further notice and unanimous result from my wife & I, I wouldn't be sure where would we be this weekend. But one thing for sure, we will be around.

p/s 2nd thought, it must be nice to empty somebody's cookie jar 'till the last crumb.


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