Yesterday was a disaster..

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Friday, October 2, 2009 at 3:44 PM

I was completely taken a back when I received a bad news from that financial institution regarding my status. You see, I was in a midst of choosing a property to buy and previously one of my best friends ( the person that I was referring to) had consulted me about the scenarios. After received a positive feedback, I have started to dreamed about my life, what's going to be like living in my very own property. But, the truth is, I need to wait for several months more in order to make my dream come true. Soon after I realized with my own predicament, without a doubt, I have contacted my wife and told her about that. It wasn't a pleasant thought to share the news with her at the first place. I knew what will she said (what do you expect? We've been married for the past 6 years) and my prediction about her response was so damned correct. I hang up after I told her what's what, and there I was, having a cup of coffee with a long pause in mind, all by myself. As if my mind being freeze and all I could do was staring at my own desk. Luckily, I managed to finished all my mundane chores and until my wife called me back to apologized because she was lashed out and devastated by the news. Again, calmly I told her that I wasn't surprised and I knew it going to be happened. I drove back to her office and finally I told her that sooner or later, by God's will, all the things that we have been dreamed about will come true. Just need to be patient because we are now being tested by Him. Insha'Allah, everything will be fine.......

These are the things that I've always dreamed of...now and then.

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