My Nocturnal Neighbor P2

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at 2:09 PM
As I was mentioned earlier, there were some things gotta do with those guys who used to come in and out. But as much as I despise their attitude especially when it comes to the enraging sounds of their bikes, as much as I wish they would gone forever. But unfortunately, I just wish for what I wish. By the time I wrote this, they still staying at that house. The different is just that, the sliding door glass had been broken by one of them who had quarreled with his partner. It happened on the day we went back to our hometown due to Merdeka's & Ramadhan 'break-fast' celebrations. And the fighting continued (obviously) on the day of Merdeka's not too long after we've reached to our home, my wife was the first person who'd heard their arguments (around 3am) and another sound of the broken glass again, shouted and screamed, bitch slapped or whatsoever. I'm not trying to say that my wife and I are the saint, as if we haven't had a fight before. But the thing is that, why they don't think about us, the neighbors who pretty much 'alive & kicking' and by screaming and beating like a mad dog at that hour, definitely it weren't just us who could hear it, I bet other neighbors nearby also could hear all the vulgar words. Because of they had a fight and created such a loud noise, ended up my wife & I couldn't sleep at all until the morning and proceed to our mundane chores at the office with a complete package such as swollen eyes, heartache and of course terrible headache.


got P3 ? really curious to know what will happen then...

Wife got find out his husband brought friends or ...etc hehehe

But pity to you guys....got such a not considerable neighbour!

Ms. Anon...I'm plan to continue the sequel as well..Its getting worst nowadays..Seems like they pretty much hammered during midnight..Aihh..

this is real life lor...we r not always luck to have a good neighbour. Now it is your turn to get this worse neighbour :(....I am always got some weird neighbours around me ...aih

Anon - you are right! We are not always lucky to be surrounded by good neighbors. That's why I despise them because they had turned me out to become a bikers haters. Aihh! Mafan..

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