My Nocturnal Neighbor P1

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 4:06 PM

There was a newly wed couple moved to our residence area few months ago. The rented house used to live by a huge family which could be considered as our closed friends. We used to exchange fruits when it comes to fruits season, especially when I brought it back from my home town or like wise. So, it becomes tradition and having them to be one of our neighbors, was pretty much overrated because they used to be our eyes and ears every time we went back to our hometown during weekends. So does the favors that we return to them. The comradeship that we’ve had, nonetheless had spread to the other neighbors. As much as they enjoyed our presence, we also enjoyed to be in their community. It is hard to find this kind of community who really helpful to each other regardless to its races. This peaceful ambience somehow or rather, has attracted us to stay here longer then we could imagine.

So, when that huge family that we have known for almost a year moved out, and this newly wed couple moved in, we were hoping that they won’t be annoyed by the friendliness that we have portrayed to the community. And luckily, they also adore the scenarios even they, themselves seldom socialized with the community and us. But at least, we know that they could blend in easily every time we received their warmth greetings to us and others.

But when the wife was transferred to the eastern part of Malaysia, then the husband started to bring home his cousin or friends and then this is the part where you could see the circle started to grew up bigger and bigger. Finally the house had turned out to be a bachelors headquarters’ to all of them and you could never be as suspicious as I am because every time people came in, no matter how many of them, they will remained to be inside the house with the door locked and sometimes with the lights off. Sometimes you could see different faces came in and out, as late as 2am or even 4am. What would be more suspicious was when the wife returned home for a couple of days, those guys would be invisible and right after the wife left, those hustlers appeared from every where. It just like a polarized magnetic bar with a switch ON/OFF that could attract all of the steels sticks to it. So I said to myself, there must be something inside the house that was so important to them or else why would they be bothered to come in?

To be continued


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