Fasting Experience

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at 4:12 PM
I'm really having a great time this round of Ramadhan where I could perform my Terawih at the mosque nearby or sometimes recite Quran at home even though there are still some unfinished business here and there especially when it comes to my contents update. By hook or by cook, this week I have target that at least the contents database will increase its population growth at least 20% from the actual plan. Na ah...I was just joking about the statistics..But I do need to enlarge the library. Who else might to do it except me? Hmm...
Anyhow, I've encountered my parents pic when they were young. Sweet isn't? :)


I can't believe my eyes lah ! Your mum looks like chinese ! Is she ?

Anon - I'd considered that as a compliment..)Tq. Nope she's not Chinese.

my curiousity is how come she wore 'sam fu' to take this photo ?:) Nice...and really look like chinese ah moi hehehe

Anon - I don't know, maybe the diversified community that she was getting into that time made her wore 'sam fu'. To be franked, my mother is the most fairest among her siblings, that's why her nickname is 'Puteh'. Kekeke

Nice nickname :)....but her son ....err....putih or hitam ? hahahaha

Anon - hahahaha. Nice one. Her son neither black nor white. Blueish. hahaha

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