Having a tight arse day

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Tuesday, September 15, 2009 at 12:48 PM
I was on my bed when I received SMSes from my sisters said that I needed to sent mom's home either today or tomorrow as she requested. Earlier on the same week, she had been brought to a clinic due to her High BP and swollen left ear. We arrived at my sister's house around 6.45pm together with all the foods that we bought from Pasar Ramadan. And then there she was sat on the couch without even noticed our arrival. She looked so pale and weak. I grabbed gently her right hand, 'Mak?' Mom? I whispered. She opened her eyes and all I could hear from her mouth was 'sakit kepala' headache. When there was about a time to break fast, I waken her up and invited her to joined us at the dining table. She ate only a half piece of kueh and half glass of soy bean milk. Then she said she couldn't eat anymore. When she rose up from her chair and straight away took a bath, I knew that was the sign for us to get prepared to leave anytime she's ready. Along the way back home, she vomited several times. The next day, I've had asked her not to fasting because she still wasn't be able to put her head straight up and there was no sign of her BP reduce to its normal level. Luckily she listened to me and the next day I thought she would be fine if she straight away consumed her medication given by the doctor earlier, but I was wrong. It really turned to chaos because she wasn't vomited because of the food taken, but she kept vomiting every time she moved her body. Her body became weaken and she couldn't even talk. So, we brought her to a private clinic and being declined due to her bad implication of dehydration, the doctor genuinely advised us to straight away to the hospital. We rushed to the emergency entrance and they brought in my mom with a stretcher. We couldn't go in as the hospital didn't allow us to do that. So, we've waited outside whilst I took the opportunity to text everybody and told them mom's condition.

to be continued


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