Contest Tagline Submitted

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Thursday, September 10, 2009 at 2:11 PM
I've joined a search contest which needed a new tagline for it's product. There were some options of tagline that I've had come up with by my own but finally with an indirectly intervention by my wife, she had sort it out. But I suppose if I was about to win, the victory would be solely mine..hahahaha (laughing greedily):P.
Whoops! I've forgot to mentioned that yesterday we had our dinner at SR nearby our resident's area. I was about to heading to WM for a Big Apple or so, but due to her feet inability, we decided not to. I had myself a beef lasagna with ice blended mocha espresso while my wife had a bowl of curry noodle together with apple juice. Guess who was the luckiest among all of us? No one but my little princess. She had an ice blended chocolate with a slice of chocolate fudge (too much chocolaty taste:P) + a pair of Naruto hand gloves (very irrelevant to her) + hair band.


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