Dishes & Old Deeds

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Thursday, September 3, 2009 at 1:47 PM

The reddish look of her face shows enough agony that she feels as soon as I approached her that afternoon. I merely had a tongue-tied so I was just starred at her without words and let my eyes do the talking. The traffics were bumper-to-bumper as everybody rushed to get home as early as they could. So do us! It was our daily routine to pass by the Bazaar Ramadan during this fasting month. Whether we going to buy some things to eat or not, that was a second thing! It wasn’t much choices of foods that could be done I supposed. But I guess that I was the one who being choosy on what’s to eat or what’s not. The only person who would enjoy most if we must drop by was my little princess. Not that she such an eaters but what she likes most every time we have to squeeze in ourselves among the crowds was the joyful moment to be carried by me. Despite of letting her walk and stroll by herself, I’d rather carry her so that she won’t be out of my sight. Anything could be happened nowadays because you will never know what kind of danger awaits you. Little girls are among the person who could be kidnapped easily. I always petrified every time I read through some children missing or brutally murdered cases from the newspapers.

So, back to my bazaar Ramadan story. Hence, my little princess always knows what to eat, unlike me, the decision to buy what kind of foods usually being uphold by my wife. Not that we share the same taste, but she likely understand what I do like to have during breaking fast. And of course, a wide range of ‘kuih2x’ always to be treated as our main dishes.

Recently, I have been reunited with some of my long lost high school friends through ‘facebook’. We have planned to conduct a reunion party or so just to keep back on track with the entire ex-classmates. There are so many nostalgic moments that we had shared together whether good or bad.

P/s Gazillion thanks to Kak Farah for the souvenirs. Thanks a lot sista’…


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