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I was strolling around as soon as I walked into the office, not that I don't have errands to be taken care of but the feeling of melancholic seemingly terrorized me out of no where. It took me few minutes to clawed back all my previous entries which I've had made at some websites, just to remember back such a wonderful feeling of being a father as soon as my little girl was born. To be franked, one of my sisters is expecting another baby & a close friend of mine also at the same pace. Just that, my wife & I, still don't have the luck yet to add another member in the family. It doesn't mean that I despise my life. In a contrary, I do cherish every single moment that we had right now. With my little girl presence in our life, and also the endless love that showering by my wife, all we had to do is pray to The Almighty & do everything that could be done.

These were all that I have written in my other blog.......

The Arrival Of My Little Bundle Of Joy P1

Today my baby is 9 months old. 3H for her: healthy, handsome and hyperactive. Months ago, we had gained a lot of experiences that needed us (my adorable wife and I) pulled out all the stops to ensured that everything at the right place as it should be. We have observed her positive development from day 1 until today, yet more to come. As the bond of a parent tightened, something that I couldn’t forget was the feeling that I had in a labor room, 9 months ago. We’ve registered at GH that late afternoon after being consulted by local maternity clinic due to her high BP. After had few routine checkups, finally the contractions that she had before more frequent as expected. It was a huge labor room and contains a few cubicles inside. Each one of it has it’s own bed. Doctor put my wife in a first cubicle completed with necessary equipment to support the labor process. That was where we both pleasantly heard our baby’s heartbeat through one of the machine. Whilst my wife struggled with her labor pains, all I could do was held her hands, wiped the sweat off and calmed her down. Gladly, she didn’t whined. I wish that I could feel the pains as well as after I realized that the malfunction of Epidural. It took hours until doctor said that she couldn’t have the typical vaginal birth due to slow progress of our baby. So, she had to have C- Section. It also means that she had to be inside the operation theatre without me regardless to all the labor room staff.
Emotionally distracted, I ran downstairs and called my best buddy and cried out loud on the phone. Psychologically, she easily soothed my hopeless agitated mind, based from her first-time experience as a mother. Luckily she had experienced about this. I owed you one, sis. I went up after that and waited- hopelessly and willingly.

The Arrival Of My Little Bundle Of Joy P2

After struggled alone for a few excruciating hours, I finally made my moved to the labor room entrance and asked one of the nurses about my wife. At last, they said that everything went well, my infant (little princess) has been put in the infants room while my wife still inside the operation theatre and has to be kept in an 'intensive room' to monitored her BP. So, the nurse led me to my princess and that was where I had my first time touching her delicate skin. I couldn't describe how stunning she was the moment I saw her enjoying her aloneness 'outside the womb'. I've asked the nurse whether I could hold her and she allowed me to 'Iqamah' at her left ear. As soon as I touched her tiny fragile feet, she greeted me with her sparkling eyes and made a short glance. I was stunned by her acted, as if she had known me before, as if she knew that we both belong to each other - and she didn't cry at all. The feeling was so exquisite and thankful to God for this heaven gift. After awhile created a father- daughter bonding, I made a moved to my car and drove back with her 'thing' to be buried. Couldn't wait to see my mother and spread the news - born of my precious milestone's. And that was how it begun - life as a father after being and yet still as a devoted husband to my lovely wife. Thank you 'sayang' for giving me such and adorable human being. Our journey have a long way to go together with this bittersweet chocolate that make our lives meaningful day by day. So, I guess.....let's get prepared with the other one:D


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