Shiny & gloomy days..at the same time.

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Wednesday, August 5, 2009 at 12:58 PM

I've just recovered from a disastrous fever which made me felt so excruciating whether I was a victim of H1N1 or even suspected from it. Luckily, it was just a normal fever & thanks to my Ugly Betty DVD collections (la la la la la)...my days gone by with all the laughter than a sick person could get. I am still wondering when could I get the chance to meet my adorable yet squeeze-sh friend who way back then had promise me to shower my possessive feeling towards a download of DH which I may or may not have. Hmm.....It just a matter of time, the sooner the better. But having said that, I would not certainly jeopardize those guys health conditions when we meet up just because I thought I have completely recovered from a fever. I will see them when I'm ready and perhaps I could hold back all the intentions to have a DH collection..indeed.
My family & I went back to my mom's place last weekend not for a double but triple birthday celebrations which involved my little girl, my eldest niece & me. It was terrifying by the time we reached at home by 9pm because my mom was expecting all of us to reached earlier. She just made a sulked-face which made me felt so guilty to let her waiting at no expense. But then, after I made some persuasion, she finally smiled & we started to laugh again. Thanks to my lucky charming..hik3x. Earlier, we had bought 2 birthday cakes..and guess who was the childish among us? Me. hik3x. My little girl birthday suppose to be on August 11th, but my wife & I, we had decided to celebrates together. My siblings were all there with their children, so you could imagine how beautiful the scenarios would be with their presence. Unfortunately, my sister who stayed at Subang has gone back earlier that morning due to some chores of her husband, so we felt a bit devastated because she couldn't join in.


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