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Posted by Kaleidoscope on Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 2:24 PM

  • Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.

  • Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.

  • Pick your ten (10) most deserving recipients and describe them.Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged

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Apparently, I've been tagged by Kak Farah. Whole my life, this is the first time I have response to this kind of game ( I supposed?:P). So fasten your seat belt and let's begin.......

5 interesting facts about Kak Farah

- she has a lovely voice that could melt your heart away either when she sings Dato' Siti songs or when she converses through phone. There was one time, when she got angry with one of our staff, then suddenly the office phone rang, her voice automatically twisted from anger-to-a-lover. Yeahh!! It's fact. kekeek
- She has a bunch of high heels (err..ladies shoes? I don't know) that I would say defines her as what she is. If you have a chance, try to peep at her high heels. If it has a very long so called muzzle (the longer the better) and its sharp, that's her! Kekeke..
- She has this one kind of phobia. She is very uncompromisable towards all kinds of maggot. Kekeke
- She has all the great qualities that you look for in a friend. She can consult you when you are having a bad day, always a good listener, ambitious and realistic. But having said that, there are some times when she thinks too much until it makes herself too carried away. This is the part where we could console her back. Kekekeek...
- She is a humorous type of person. When she makes a joke, you would definitely find yourself suddenly crawling on the floor and laugh out loud because it is damn hilarious. Sometimes her imagination runs wild and you could hear she delivers all kinds of probabilities. Kekekeke

10 interesting facts about me

- I'm obsess with all kinds of gadgets - electronics e.g. mobile phone, laptop, etc
- I'm a family type of man. Always thinking about my wife & my little princess
- I like to hangout at the mamak stall with my wife & my little princess. I have never get bored with the 'air tongkat ali' and 2 half-boiled eggs and also 'roti pisang'.
- I always passionate about creative writings - contents management. I used to have a so-called blog where I junked in all my writings in Bahasa Malaysia.
- I always believe my observations towards something & by observing people's behavior (not being judgmental)could mature my thoughts as well & made myself see something from different prespectives
- I always adore my friends and wish I could separate myself into many pieces so that they could bring me together with them where ever they go. Does it make sense? Kekeke
- I love my wife so much no matter what it takes to be with her. Even though sometimes when we suddenly pick up a fight regardless to whose fault it is, I usually condemn myself as a husband first before I nail down the situation
- I always quoted this to myself or others " You have to control the situation! Don't let the situation controls you" but I myself sometimes fail to do so. Hmmm...
- Sometimes I could be a selfish prick when it comes to my possessiveness towards an object or something that I like.
- I always trying to fulfill others need despite of fulfilling my own. And when people see that as my weakness point, usually they will take an advantage on me. So, ended up those people and me are no longer be friend.

10 most deserving recipients

- Kak Farah : because she's the one who drag me into this...wakakaka
- Dek Na : She's the same age with me & damn..she can cook! kekeke
- Dek Ika : She's the one who made myself feel like a 10 years younger, just by reading her blog
- Kak Long : because she's the oldest among us. Kekekek...Wisely! Indeed :)
- Kak Nita : She's the one who could talk well, cook well & laugh well...kekeke

These are among the people that I could think right now...Those silent readers, if you don't mind, help yourself to complete this questions tag..TQ


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