Finding a silver lining..

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Monday, August 17, 2009 at 11:50 AM

My confidence has been badly shaken as soon as I realized that my little princess caught the fever again. We’ve met the pediatrician that have had given the prescriptions to my little princess earlier. My heart was furiously pounding until at one time I’ve become so numb and hopeless because my mind kept thinking that something wasn’t right and wondered why my little princess still haven’t fully recovered. But soon after the pediatrician claimed that it was just a normal fever, I felt so relieved and thank God to that. The pediatrician also consulted us that when my little princess had the diarrhea due to the Amoxicillin 250mg/5ml oral suspension B.P was a norm reflection and it wasn’t actually an allergy. I have been notified as well that my little princess will only consume to Sporidex 250mg in future or whenever she needs it.

Soon after I’ve had sent my wife and my little princess home, I went off to work. Somehow or rather, these lately I felt that my daily routine at work was nothing more than a mess. There were several times I felt that I wasn’t pull out all the stop enough but merely to ensure that I have some money in hands at the end of the month. Maybe because I’ve been stick to this place for the past consecutive years yet there are lot of things that I need to accomplish. I love what I’m doing right now and never loose all the sparks that I need yet. I always consult myself that there always a silver lining even though I personally could not resist the proverb which is the grass is always greener on the other side. I always adore those people who could stay in one place, doing the same thing for years without thinking of leaving their current situation. But for me, loyalty is not the main criteria that some employer’s looking for. And I believe the loyalty that I have was never good enough here. But after all, I have never put hatred ahead of me every time I walk in here. There are millions excuses that anyone’s could think of why I still endeavor to deliver all my tasks at their best. One of the reasons that I must say is the relationship that we have among the staff. I would say that the bonding that develops between all of us is phenomenal. Everybody is so open undoubtedly until let you walk in into their own lives as well. Of course if there were secrets, you have to keep it to yourself, affirmatively. You could even know what’s what with them either they personally share with you or you ask them more or less. The beauty behind all of these was that we were actually come from different races and religions. But neither I nor they see that as a frontier yet we could still treat ourselves as close as siblings. We could even share our foods together or going out to lunch together. These are among the best colleagues that I have met so far I must say.


Finally I can drop a comment here :)
Bro, the relationship btw colleagues here just meet the "1Malaysia" concept ?

Ms. Anon :)
I suppose that we are among the truly Malaysian who have practice this "1Malaysia" concept long time ago. Kekeke...

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