The mountain is just a metaphor..

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 9:06 AM

I certainly don’t have any idea what to write. I suppose that I am having a crucial moment of my life. The mountain yet too far to reach at its highest peak, while shoulders hard with rucksack and hands are full with compass and map – so that the obligations that I need to fulfill. I have been submerged with contents updates at the same time stuck up with the monthly reports that need to be compiled for a submission. Somehow I realize the intensity that hanging in the air as if I’m being subdued by the power of time. The feeling so peculiar but as far as I’m concern, there’s no one would offer their hands because everybody has their own tasks and they won’t be bothered by me either.

Comparing myself to a mount climber with his rucksack, in a journey to conquer the mountain and have to cross the thick forest and equip himself with a navigator. I am the mount climber, the mountain is my goal, the navigator is my skills, the forest is my daily path and of course the heavy rucksack is my duty and responsibility.

I’m wondering why recently my schedule not as cohesive as before. Does it because I’ve been trapped into this blogsphere and being hooked up with it? Does it because my hands tied up with those unique and different services that need my own preferences to update the contents as frequent as I could? Or does it because I’m getting melted with the mundane chores that seemingly no appreciation by he-who-shall-not-be-named? The truth is that I’m lost in my own devotions. Sometimes I do feel downgraded and dishonored when compared to others. But I’ve remembered my ex- peer used to say that he didn’t do his jobs to satisfy others but he did his jobs for his own satisfactions. And when he left us long ago, I do remember his philosophy behind all these. I’ve remembered as well by the time he stated his remarks, I was blurred and hard to digested all his words, but now, I do understand why he did say that. The wisdom that he had given has inspired me to look for better chances. And this coming Ramadhan Al – Mubarak, I would use all the chances that I might get by pray harder and change my mind setting for a brighter future. It’s time for me to break a leg and nurture what’s best for me.


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