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Posted by Kaleidoscope on Monday, July 27, 2009 at 12:07 PM

Soon after we dealt with our devastation & gloominess, we headed to a shopping mall nearby & bought ourselves, generally; a new cage for our existing hamster named Boy. He became so enormous until he couldn't fit in his own nest a.k.a hiding place inside the existing cage. Hence, we had found a new one for him, we also bought another 3 petite hamsters as his companions or cellmates ( sounds like partners-in-crime) Hak3x...At first, we thought that Boy might not going to like it or be friend with those new guys. But we were damned wrong..Boy was totally delighted & could except those troops very well. It costs us few hundred bucks & not to forget some accessories which I thought it was ridiculous at the first place. But since Tisya's felt so excited & we could see her joyful face towards her new possessive thingy, all the uneasy feelings that we had earlier seemingly gone away by the wind. Kekekee...


uuuummmaaakkk aiiii.. santik nye umah emster dia... mesti mahal ni.... berape hinggit???

uhuhu...harga tertera kat situ, RM168..tapi dpt nego RM150..but then ada accessories yg lenlain kak farah. uhuhu...Itu tak gila lagik, dedulu masa bela kucing 2 ekor, pernah sekali beli sangkar yg 3 tingkat tuh, +-RM400...uhuhu. Alih2, kucing2 mati, sangkar tuh hantar kat kg..uhuhu...

mahainyeeeeee.... akak beli setakat kurang RM50 jek ... acik budget ni ... ade projek besau menanti

kekek..itulah pasal, hak lain ada jugak lagik..macam2 sizes. Tp, hak itu yg dah berkenan dulu. uhuhu...Akak budget nak gi jalan2 cuti2 malaysia kan? tgk kat blog along ada mentioned buat passport bagai.kekeke....

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