Happy Birthday to me...

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 at 9:55 AM

How time flies so fast without you even noticed it...unwillingly & hopelessly. There are so many things that suddenly busted out in my mind, subconsciously. Lots of things to be done in my life & I just need to ensure that that the path in front of me is the one that I should be heading to - undoubtedly. For the past 32 years, I have been surrounded with all the love that I could possibly get in the entire world. Let’s start with the one that responsible who brought me into this world - my adorable mom. When my father passed away, I was 10 at that time, too naive & always depend on her to do everything for me. But as a single mother & full time housewife, she never failed to fulfill all that I need. I used to cycle to school with my sister every morning. And when the school sessions end, I’d rather be with my friends took a long way home – cycled through the palm oil estate where usually we had to pass through a Chinese house with uncompromised & totally fierce dogs. We felt so joyous when we got barked by those dogs & cycled as fast as we could. There were few times that I fell off from my bicycle & dirtied my clothes. It made my mom so annoyed because she had to wash my clothes & inspected me if I had bruises or so. When I was at secondary school, I’ve became rebellious teen & always denied every advices that my mom had given for my own sake. And everytime she had tears on her cheeks because of me, I used to ask for her forgiveness & hugged her as tight as I could. But then, I did it again & again & again. But no matter how bad I am, or how huge my mistake would be, she never failed to shower me with all the love & advice me for not doing these & that. when I was at the boarding school, my mind always think of her at home. I barely sleep at night & always thought that the idea to go to the boarding school, just to get rid of her nagging so that I could be free with my friends was the stupidest idea that I have ever made of. My heart became torn apart everytime I saw my friends got visited by their parents during weekend. I could simply put all the hatred at my best especially when I saw a father-son/daughter bonded because I personally didn’t get enough of father’s love & had lost it when I was still young. My mom also without failed consoled me when I told her about what I felt & these scenarios keep on going until I realized that having her by my side through out those years made me so lucky and grateful to Allah s.w.t. for created such a noble & honor person; which is my mom. Thanks mom for never regret to educate & made me to become a better person; as what I am right now.

As my birthday gift, I am dying to get few gadgets for myself. A new set of branded DVD player with USB and/or any supported memory cards together with HDMI and/or Ext HDD. I was aiming to get a complete home theater but that wasn’t a prior anymore I guess. I have received a birthday kissed from my wife last night when the clock strikes 12 and also a birthday song from my little girl on our bed. How beautiful my life will be as long as we have the power of three :)



Semoga Allah berkati dan dipanjangkan usia .. dan dimurahkan rezeki... aminnnnnn

Amin ya rabbal alamin...Thanks a lot kakakku:)

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