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Posted by Kaleidoscope on Monday, July 27, 2009 at 9:36 AM
Saturday : As I've mentioned earlier in my previous entry, we had a parent meeting (report's card day) that morning at Tisya's school. We managed to had a heart-to-heart session with Tisya's teacher due to her mischievous and lack of focus when she was at school. By the time we read through the reports, both of us kind of devastated with her overall grades. Even though they were merely A's & B's grades for all the subjects taken by her, but we were broken hearted with the commentaries made by the each subjects teachers. Tisya's hardly focused every time when the teacher's taught during the classes. She was very determined when she said NO. If she were moody or in a sensitive mode, every little things that the teacher's asked, she wont be bothered to answered it. She barely sat at one place at a time & could get bored easily if the scenarios weren't at her best interests. My wife took the blame on herself as she claimed that was exactly her attitude & it was inherited from her. To be franked, my little girl just had a slightly issue with her focus & I certainly didn't think to blame her at all. My little girl is a brilliant, hyperactive & could well-adapt with the learning stuffs, just that she could easily get bored & too mischievous. But having said that, it doesn't mean that I wasn't believe what the teachers had comment on her, they were great & always imparted the information at their best. Just that, maybe both of us, as a parent needed to put more disciplines on her & put more attentions on every little things that she did. After we wrapped up the meeting with the teachers, it took a while for both of us to be mourned inside our car. By looking at Tisya's face, deep in my heart, I'd rather took all the blame on myself ; personally for not too spend more time with her. I should know how to teach her at home, attract her attentions with all the books that we bought for her since she was a baby, read all the books to her everytime when she asked me to, despite of facing my own tiredness when I reached at home after work. I should do this, I should do that. I don't want my little girl felt too comfort with her attitude right now which seemingly not a good one to brag. I should tell her some do's & don't. If i wasn't the one who draw the line, then who else should I rely on. My wife already had too much responsibilities on her shoulders, and I guess it's time for me put 110% efforts on my little girl if I wanted her to be at her best. I precisely don't want her to be left out in this fast-pace world. I should be ready to equipped her with all the things that she needs to know. Now, I've remembered what my mom used to tell me 'Bukan senang nak menjaga & mendidik anak. Itu yang mak dah buat & bila dah besar, terpulang kepada kau, bagaimana nak menjaga diri sendiri' - It wasnt an easy job to take care & educate a child. But that was what I did & when you've grown up, it's totally depends on you, how to take care of yourself...
For my readers, thank you so much for reading these. I'd be much appreciated if you have suggestions for me on how to develop my little girl attentions at school.


hukk hukkk....

memang susah nak membesarkan anak.. sabar dan banyak2 berdoa...

thanks kak farah...kalau ada idea camner nak gain attentions dia so that she could be more focus, akak bagitau ek? nak tanya kaklong, segan plak:(..uhuhu

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