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Posted by Kaleidoscope on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 at 12:55 PM
Dealing with our own thoughts sometimes can be too painful even no matter how tiny the situation is. That's what I've been doing these years by pushing off myself to its limit. It's getting worse when these days presumably, I kept telling myself so many rules to be obliged just to make sure that I know the limitation whether as a husband to my wife or as a father to my own daughter or as an employee to my principle. Everybody has their own goals in their lives. It can be anything as simple as reducing weight even half a kilogram, or stop cursing other drivers while driving on the road or stop being annoying to others. These are the fundamentals that I believe everyone would have in their lives regardless to what their level of thinking.

To achieve something in our lives, more or less, somehow need a lot of justifications. If we want to succeed, of course we would make it happen no matter what kind of obstacles coming through our ways. For instance, if you want to have children, regardless to any gender, for sure you would cooperate with your loved one to calculate when is the best time to get intimate, when is the ovulation time, how frequent would you willing to get 'down' to it and such. Think at the bright side, if let say you fail to get pregnant, at least you get some intimate moments with the loved ones. It's a win-win situation and I believe everyone will agree on that.

Speaking about having a deep thought, the best moment for me is in the middle of the night. Either I stay back to 'count the stars' or off to bed early and get up back 2-3 hours later, as long as nobody ''alive' at that present, that is the best time for me to do some thinking. Those who familiar with the word 'muhasabah & bermunajat' must know what kind of terms that you should be doing while you in this situation. I used to do this since I was a student at high school. Despite of having my own peace, I could do anything I want with my own time & space while the rest having their sleep.

No matter what kind of difficulties that you might be having, always put yourself to the center while you carry on with your own thoughts wisely. Unforeseen the circumstances before you choose your path whether to the right or left. Don't let your instinct mislead you and don't let the situation controls you. If you can't control the situation, then don't expect others to help you out on that. Should you come to the dead end, talk to the one that you trust most. Besides, listen to others might be helpful but don't expect them to offer you the solutions. You, yourself should find the solutions. It is you who should nail down with the issues.

I'm signing off---------------------------------- for now.


love this song... hukk hukkk... tiba-tiba rasa nak main gitar lak .. camno ni??

kak farah..kekeek. Dera abg megat main gitar utk lagu 'more than word's tuh. kekeke.

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