I dream for what I dream..

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 10:42 AM

A year of 2009 has come to an end, yet I still have tones of wishes, hopes and dreams to be fulfilled, not by others, not by you who occasionally read my blog, not even by the 'Pakcik' who open a grocery store behind my house that never put an effort to clean his rack shelves where he put all the items to be sold, not by an aunt; a neighbor, who love to gardening every morning in front her house, or even by that 'Mamat Satria' who used to park his car in front of our house every night & day, BUT by me. To be franked, all of these craps have been terrorizing my mind long ago, but this morning, when I was stuck in traffic jams with hundreds of cars before and after me, suddenly I feel so petrified and threaten by all of them. They drove huge cars, imported and brand-new. You could see their egos & pride that somehow reflected from the car that they driven. While I let my car crawling with others, I took a chance to pick and choose; a silly game that I invented unintentionally. 'I want that one! That one! That one! Yeah...That one! That! That! That as well! Haa...That one! ‘I said to myself every time my eyes catch any continental car, imported, brand-new, stylish, tough, shining & tempting. But there were few times as well, my eyes catch some local made, not that popular, too small, compact, or even some continental cars that you thought it weren't suppose to be on the road anymore. While I amazed with the drivers that could still move their 'Pre-historic' machines, I said to myself 'No! Ah! No! Hell! No! No way! I don’t want that! No!’ If to get a brad-new car as simple as my silly game pick & choose or even make-a-wish-upon-the-star thingy, I guess I had to have a trillion of Ringgit in my saving account because I don’t just desire one, but many of the them as my collectible items. I wish for what I wish……. (Not Toyota Wish:P)

Enough said about mouth-watering cars, the other thing that I’d like to have in my life, at least to own a landed property whereby I can bring my family to chuck in and make them comfy; a place where I can do some gardening, relaxing and spacious enough to build up my own privacy without unwanted disturbance from unwanted people. I’m a homey person and as a home person, I always find that a perfect spot to get rid of anything is a home where I live in. Whilst others might think that a ‘peaceful mind’ could be ‘bought’ elsewhere, mine is the other way around. To spend my time and be around with my family is the only thing that could ‘cure’ me instead of finding it outside. What’s the point of having a family if I can’t rely on them vice-versa? Well! Of course, some of the times conflict does happens inside the house, but no matter how far I go, no matter how far I run, I always go back from where it begun. And it’s call home. (Unless if I live inside the RV, once I’m run, I have to drive along with it:P). There are so many new development areas around the place I live right now, and I’m aiming to get myself a 3 storey terrace house complete with a huge front yard and back yard so that I could build a ‘mini-zoo’ to my other half. Kekeke..


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