A body without a soul...

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Monday, December 7, 2009 at 9:43 AM
I was looking for a material to write it down here together with my intention to update my contents in the database. But the longer I think about it, the longer I become so clueless and conclude that I'm having an agonizing pain............in my mind:P. It is so painful until nobody could imagine it. The idea of updating my own creative writings in the library, more or less has come to the dead end. I need something that fresh from the oven, rejuvenate and new to be updated in my library. Where the hell could I get the refreshing idea? I need to do lots of readings for this, I need to search for something different so that the market knows that the services are still exist and convincing and they won't regret for subscribing it. Right now, I think the best way to describe my unscrupulous feeling is like having a body without a soul: stiff and cold.
Some said that I should do some exercises at a regular basis. For the first time in my entire life,yesterday, I did it with a help of my lil' princess. We imitated the form of exercises from the show called 'The Biggest Loser-Asia'. We had fun doing it; push-ups, seat-ups, jogs, jumps, etc..until we were exhausted like hell. We were sweating and both of us LOL to each other. I did some awkward moves not to impress my lil' princess but to myself, and ended up my lil' princess LOL at me. I guess that was the first time she saw me doing some stretching stuffs and it was hilarious to her.
So today, I came to the office with muscle pains here and there in a hope that my mind would be the other way around. But I was wrong, I still couldn't figure out what's the best to put in the library for today onwards. I guess the best way is to read more motivational stuff or at least some sparkling romance so that I'll be inspired by it.

FN: What is the similarity between creative contents writer/editor and a book author? Both need to be creative and have originality:P.


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