It kept me from behind..

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 11:00 AM
I realized that I haven't had a chance to update my blog; not because that I was extremely busy but I was clueless & didn't know what to write. Being a 'lurus bendul' in some certain part of your mundane chores sometimes could lead you to nothing, but sometimes could give you a huge impact. Why am I saying this? It happened to me, literally. People might think that this kind of attitude means you are ignorance and don't care about others. But how many of them do think like the way I think? None. I was helping this fella to overcome his some sort of rejection from the one that he loved most without facing the fact that she dumped him because she didn't want him anymore. My other BFF and I were helping this fella to make him realized that she's not worth to die for after put some considerations on her attitude and the way she had treated him. As the fella claimed that this is his first love and would not jump into conclusion or move on UNTIL this women a.k.a player throw the break up word to his face; he would rather waiting and waiting in a way that his pure and divine love will lead her back to him. We all knew that it won't be happened and the worst part is that this fella seemingly being blindfolded by her fake love. Why can't this fella open up his mind and see the game that this women had put him into? If we can see it, why can't you? Why must you put your devotion onto her while on the other hand you should know that all these are just your own infatuation? I really don't understand why you have become like this! It could be either me who 'lurus bendul' to understand your so-called magnificent love or it is just you who being so ignorance and prefer to solve your own complication in a hard way. It always kept me from behind to say this to you, so I'm taking this opportunity to write it down here. I don't think I would be able to assist you any further in your tragic love story. I know, you know,we know who is she to you and how she play this ridiculous love game and yet you are one of the victims who had been trapped into this crap, but since you said you wanted some certainty before you could leave all these behind, I won't stop you from doing it. It is your life after all, and I am nothing more than a friend who thought that by stopping you and make you realize how physco she is will safe your soul and energy. But I guess I was wrong. You are up on your own now. I'm officially withdrawing myself as a counselor to your love life. You and I? We still could be friend, no worries. It just that I had enough of that miserable physco pathetic troublemaker...which is that bitch.


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