Can you spot the not?

Posted by Kaleidoscope on Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at 11:36 AM

Tentatively, we are suppose to do some overhaul with our living hall or even the whole house because of our little princess allergy towards those furry thingy but due to some unexpected occurrences, the riddance of those furry stuffs were only happened last night. I got home before 9pm & saw my little princess was busy with her Monster Inc show at Disney channel. As my wife pretty much chaos to relocate the furniture’s, I have decided to give her a hand. I put down my bag & went straight to the kitchen & awarded myself a pail of floor detergent & mopped the entire living hall. Whilst my little girl created her own mess with paper-cutting & thrown it on the floor, my wife took the chance to sat down & watched the compilation videos that I brought home for her BC subject. Sometimes I don’t understand her passion. She is so passionate about her teaching materials and always has a lot of ideas on how to impart those stuffs to her students. Sometimes her dedications seems to overwhelming her until it makes me feel abandon (Hehe…as if) by her spirit because she is too driven when it comes to work. But having said that, I don’t proclaim that she doesn’t do her best at home just that her perfectionism at work sometimes (Yes. I said sometimes) doesn’t reflect at home. Sometimes it makes me feel so irritated when she seems too depend on me even on petty things. Those questions such as ‘Did you see my glasses?’ or even ‘Did you know where I put down my brooch?’ always polluting the air until I could feel an extraordinary movement of my own adrenalin. These are the among the imperfection characteristics that I have to face down day by day. But whether I realize or not, anyhow, those imperfections are actually made her so perfect to me and as long as I can deal with it, nothing can stop my love to her. People said that love could make someone’s blinds and I am proudly to be one of them.


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